How Much is the Sponsorship of AC Milan’s Shirt Worth?

Corporate sponsorship of football (also known as soccer) shirts has existed for many years and is both an increasingly important source of revenue for professional clubs and is establishing itself as a potent marketing channel for companies.

The history of football shirt sponsorship isn’t exactly clear, but seems to have existed since at least the 70s in Europe. West German club Eintracht Braunschweig are often recognized as one of the first to take the leap into shirt sponsorship, bravely donning the logo of an alcoholic beverage on their sleeve.

Initially in England, authorities were nervous about the prospect of companies getting a corporate free kick of advertising. The non-commercial government broadcaster, the BBC, broadcast football and required corporate sponsors to be removed from shirts when they televised their match of the day.

It wasn’t until 1983 that sponsors were allowed to appear on shirts during broadcasts, which in turn lifted the value of sponsorship to companies. Suddenly a nationwide television audience of millions was within potential reach for 90 minutes of football action.

In the early days of shirt sponsorship, sponsors could largely only expect to ufabet มือถือ reach, at best, a domestic audience. The majority of likely ‘eyeballs’ was mostly attendees at stadiums and in print media. The odd broadcast match was a real boon for advertisers.

While this is still true for some sports teams, things have changed drastically in terms of corporate sponsorship at the top end of the market.

So, from a business perspective, let’s look at two key questions:

1) What benefits does shirt sponsorship offer to a company?
2) What companies might be best suited to shirt sponsorship?

Let’s use the example of Italian football giant, AC Milan.

Based in the northern Italian fashion capital, AC Milan are one of the most successful football outfits on the planet, having won every major title in the sport. AC Milan also carry heavy clout in the brand stakes, you’ll find Milan fans in many parts of the world.

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